Heute präsentieren wir euch im Adamant Music Spotlight: Den Pop-Rock Künstler “Paul De Leon”. Ursprünglich von den Philippinen, lebt er heute in Österreich. Dieses Mal in Englisch.

Beschreibe dich in drei Sätzen:

Well I’m a colourful mix of countries and cultures and I love blues and anything where the guitar is the main instrument. For me the best songs are the ones where you feel that the artist is talking to you and only to you. Lastly, I believe seafood on pizza is a step backwards for humanity.

Was war deine bisher beste Erfahrung als Künstler?

My favourite gig was an intimate & quiet one where the whole room was on the same wavelength as me. It was crazy; every note I sang and every chord on the guitar came straight from the heart. When you’re in that zone everything feels meaningful. I can do this easily when I’m alone, but in front of a crowd it’ll take some practice.

Wer wäre dein Traum-Feature für einen Song?

The dream would be to have the Kings of Leon lead singer Caleb Followill on vocals for a song. The emotion he puts in every word and lyric blows me away. You know what George Daniel from The 1975 knows how to set the right atmosphere on a song; I’d have him in there too!

Wo siehst du dich in einem Jahr?

I see myself improving. At this stage, I know that I love writing and performing music: So when I see how the big dogs do it, I know I want to be able to do that someday so this year I’m focusing on growth, practice, and taking risks. When I’m ready I want to perform on a big stage!

Der Film über dich als Künstler. Was wäre der Titel und wer spielt die Hauptrolle?

‘The Long Drive’ – I’ve always thought life is like a long road trip to the unknown. Some go slow, some go fast – most of us don’t know where we’re going – but we can either be thrilled by our destination or be afraid of it. 

I can’t think of an actor that looks similar to me, but just for kicks I’d have Robert De Niro play me and I’d give him zero lines – He’d just stare into the camera all angrily. Lmao, #oscars.

Abschließende Worte des Künstlers:

I’ve always found lyrics as the most important part of a song; the music is the vehicle to deliver this message. I would say be careful what you listen to, because it has a massive impact on you. What comes in must come out. 

Also, I’m going in a different musical direction with my next two singles, “Criminals” & “Thunderstorm”, and I’m so excited for you to hear it. Contact me if you’d like to be a part of my artist newsletter – I’d love to have you on board. It’s free and open to anyone who wants to know more about my projects.

Thanks for reading!

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